Pete Licata started in coffee as a barista in 2003, and encouraged by a visit from World Barista Champion Tim Wendelboe, he entered his first competition, the 2005 Midwest region barista competition in his hometown of Kansas City – and won. He went on to compete for 6 more seasons, winning four more regionals, two US Championships, and finally achieving his ultimate goal of World Champion in 2013. While living in Hawaii in 2011, he saw a unique opportunity in the coffee farms there, and decided to pick, process and roast his competition coffees for that year. This experiment, along with other origin country visits, led to a wealth of knowledge about farming and processing methods. He has spent the past five years focusing on coffee quality, most recently on roasting techniques and how they affect the flavor of the cup. After winning the WBC title, he formed Licata Coffee Consultants with Holly Bastin, coaching and advising other competitors, including Hidenori Izaki, the 2014 World Barista Champion.