After a career in research and teaching, Karine Chrétien Guillemette, aka Miss Choco, made the leap into the world of chocolate. Her bean-to-bar boutique, La Tablette de Miss Choco, has just transitioned from brick-and-mortar store to an online shop, to reach even more chocolate lovers. She travels extensively, visiting chocolate makers and cocoa plantations to gain a better understanding of her passion, and she has developed a series of tasting workshops for fine chocolate and events pairing chocolate with other food and drinks, that she presents widely. Educational and ethical issues in chocolate are numerous, related to production of cocoa and its major players, as well as bean-to-bar fabrication.

Topic of presentation
During this conference, Karine will talk about the history of the North American craft bean-to-bar chocolate movement and explain how it is writing a new chapter of the chocolate history. More focus is now put on how cacao is grown and processed after the harvest, since the impacts on the chocolate flavour profiles are undeniable. Moreover, a lot of bean-to-bar chocolate makers decide to trade directly with the producers to buy their cacao beans. This direct trade has a huge impact on the lives of the farmers, their families and the quality of the cacao beans.