Hanna Neuschwander has been communicating about coffee and science since 2004. As the communications director for World Coffee Research, her job is to help the coffee industry and the public understand the “so what” and the “why it matters” of coffee research. She thinks of the work as translating between languages: science-speak, coffee-speak, and what-your-mom-would-understand-speak.

She is the author of Left Coast Roast, a primer and guidebook to artisan and influential coffee roasters on the west coast of the US. She received the SCAA’s 2016 Distinguished Newcomer Award and has presented about the science, history, sustainability, and economics of coffee everywhere from Boston to Dublin to Panama City.

Prior to joining World Coffee Research she was communications director of a liberal arts college, where she helped professors share their academic work with a wider audience, and a journalist focused on the intersection of coffee and culture. She is based in Portland, Oregon, but spends her summers living in a yurt at the top of an Irish hay field with her husband and daughter.