The Headliners

2016 Presentations & workshops


Pete Licata

Pete Licata started in coffee as a barista in 2003, and encouraged by a visit from World Barista Champion Tim Wendelboe, he entered his firs...
Jeremy Challender

Jeremy Challender

Jeremy Challender is a co-founder of Prufrock Coffee in London (along with 2009 World Barista Champion Gwilym Davies), a café world-renowne...

Colleen Anunu

Colleen Anunu specializes in coffee market strategies which emphasize shared value, gender equity and farmer-first community development. As...

Christopher Hendon

Christopher Hendon came to the attention of the coffee world in 2015 with the release of ‘Water for Coffee,’ a book he co-authoured with...

Karine Chrétien Guillemette

After a career in research and teaching, Karine Chrétien Guillemette, aka Miss Choco, made the leap into the world of chocolate. Her bean-t...